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Due to COVID -19 the School remain closed till further instructions from Govt of India.

All Precautions will be taken by the School as per the directions given by the Govt before and during the school functioning

Take Care , Follow Rules and Stay Safe

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  1. School has reopened for classes 6th to 10th as per Govt of India / Karnataka guidelines.
  2. Admissions for the Academic Year 2021 - 2022 are open for all the classes from Pre Nursery to 9th Std.
  3. As per the guidelines given by Govt of India / Karnataka Fee collection for the Academic year 2020 -2021 has started, kindly make arrangement to pay the same at the earliest
  4. The fees can be deposited at the school office counter or directly paid to Karnataka Bank School account.
  5. All Parents and Children should adhere to the guidelines and take necessary precautions to avoid any spread of Covid 19 Virus.